Concerned about Ransomware? We have the solution.

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The recent Wanna ransomware attack caused massive disruption across the globe. It’s still out there. Make sure Wanna doesn’t take your personal comptuer or business network hostage. Get Sophos Intercept X for protection.This next-generation endpoint solution stops ransomware in its tracks, including all Wanna variants.

  • Blocks unauthorized file encryption
  • Automatically rolls back encrypted files with no loss of data
  • Protects against both local and remote encryption

“We deployed Intercept X to more than 5,000 endpoints. Since deploying, it has stopped 400 new ransomware attacks and we’ve had zero ransomware infections.” – Emily Vandewater, IT Security Analyst, Flexible Systems

Contact us to get Intercept X today and enjoy 30 days of free protection against Wanna and other forms of ransomware. Watch this short video to see Intercept X in action as it stops a live Wanna ransomware attack. If you’re one of our MSP customers, we’ve already contacted you concerning this most recent attack. If you’d like more information on becoming an MSP customer, please contact our sales team.